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Jot or Tittle Editorial Services exists to support writers.

JoT's perceptive line editing will capture and enhance your voice while consistent copyediting gives your writing a professional finish.

JoT's personal service means that your work will be edited to your vision rather than rigidly conformed to a grammar book.

JoT's work is guaranteed. My job is over only when the client is satisfied with the product.




Services Including

Line Editing     Copyediting     Proofreading     Fact Checking     Tutoring     Project Consultation     Research

Disciplines Including

Biblical Studies     Theology     Christian Living     Classical and Koine Greek     Biblical Hebrew     Psychology     Sociology     Literature     Philosophy     History     Classics





Who is Jot or Tittle?

Jot or Tittle is Samuel Kelly, a line editor, copy editor, and writing consultant based in Fresno, California. Sam has earned a double BA in English and biblical and religious studies at Fresno Pacific University and an MA in theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. In addition to his freelance work, Sam has done research for pastors and churches at Docent Research Group and served as an associate editor with Wordsmith Writing Coaches. Although Sam specializes in biblical and theological writing and biblical languages, his cross-disciplinary curiosity and familiarity with multiple style manuals make him an ideal partner whatever your current project is.

Sam grew up in eastern Madera County, California, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and Yosemite National Park, but now resides a few miles south in Fresno. When he isn't working on a writing project, Sam reads (classics, epic fantasy, and theology), plays table-top games, and travels with his wife, Katy, to see America's natural wonders. So far he hasn't found anything that outdoes the beauty of his hometown backyard.





What is "Jot or Tittle"

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The phrase "jot or tittle" comes from the King James Version of Matthew 5:18: "For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." This verse has vexed many who have tried to understand the relationship between Law and Gospel in Christian theology, but as I have misappropriated it, it simply means that I guarantee a quality product. As one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, so I will work to ensure that no jot or tittle is out of place in your writing project. Copyediting is a task immersed in minutia, and a careful editor will have the attention and the skills to develop a great piece of writing into a professional product by ensuring strong grammar, correct usage, consistent style, and every jot or tittle's being in place.






"Sam's editing of my dissertation exceeded my expectations. His communication throughout the process was timely and clear. Sam caught many errors and inconsistencies in the manuscript that other readers and I had overlooked. His clarifications preserved and enhanced my voice as a writer. I would gladly work with Sam again!"
Robert Howe
Campus Minister

"Sam joined my team in the final phases of publishing my latest book. He immediately dived into the project, bringing expert editing talents that improved the work. Not only was he able to clarify complex concepts, but he was able to do it without disrupting the author’s voice—extremely important when a writer’s reputation is built on ideas expressed through a trusted voice. He was sensitive to the material, understood its significance, and strove to bring it to life in a meaningful way. I found Sam easy to work with one-on-one, and he developed an excellent rapport with other members of the team. I recommend him highly."
Beth Wilson
Author of Meditations for New Mothers and He’s Just No Good for You

“Samuel Kelly's work on our content has been invaluable. His copy editing has helped eliminate barriers to help better serve our audiences. His work is consistently precise and timely. Our team, our content, and our website are better because of his skills, time and effort.”
Deanna Kustas
Content Strategy Lead

“I highly recommend Samuel Kelly as an editor. His professionalism, skill, and grammatical prowess have taken my new manuscript to another level of clarity, relevance, and impact. I am very grateful I came across him, and if you use his services, you will be too.”
Mark Karris
Author of Season of Heartbreak: Healing for the Heart, Brain and Soul

"I can highly recommend Sam Kelly as a solid professional in the field of editing. He truly put my work under a microscope to make sure it was polished and well written. But he is also knowledgeable in the study of theology, which enhanced the work he did for my particular project. He went far beyond what I had expected and he was a pleasure to work with.  Sam can give your work the boost it needs to truly stand out from the crowd."
Jane Woolsy Gropp
Master of Arts in Theology, Talbot Seminary
Bible Teacher

“JoT was excellent. A truly professional editor that met not only the demands of my dissertation, but the flexible approach my need for an editor required. Samuel is top notch and I highly recommend him to anyone need of a strong academic editor for graduate level work.”
Brian D. Bennett

“Sam's edits and comments were intelligent, helpful, and flowed with my writing style.”
Dr. Jonathan M. Finley

"As a doctoral student, I worked with multiple editors throughout the revision process on my dissertation. Sam was able to catch errors others missed in my writing and in my visual graphics (figures, tables, charts, etc). His method of communicating revisions was always very easy to understand and timely."
Amber Smith
Doctoral Student, Fuller Theological Seminary

“This being my first time to work with a professional editor, it was a major learning curve. I thought I was fairly good at editing until I worked with Sam. Going far beyond basic issues of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, he saw a lot of nuances and word selection issues that I had missed, and he made appropriate proposals for changes that made my text more readable, concise and professional. He went far beyond the call of duty to communicate with me frequently on issues of clarity, even making some helpful comments on the content of my research. I would highly recommend Sam for his services and would use him in the future when in need of editorial services.”
Larry Sellers
Doctoral Student, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Sam did a great job editing my documents. He helped me achieve my goals through his quality work, finely honed editing craft, and timely turnaround. He provided his service with excellent professionalism. I highly recommend him for your editing needs.”
Helen M. Edwards
Faculty, Renavaré Institute
Doctoral Student, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Learning my Hebrew class hadn't prepared me for my exegetical class, I looked for help and found Samuel Kelly. He was patient, sensitive to my anxiety, and provided resources that helped me. He provided hands-on resources, handouts, and exercises I could do on my own, and he worked through exercises with me. He encouraged me, helped me understand my mistakes, and celebrated my successes. Just a few weeks after starting tutoring with Sam, one of my fellow students, whom I didn't know well, noticed I'd improved. Sam is great to work with. He even helped me talk through my final paper."
Julia Wells
Master of Divinity Student, Fuller Theological Seminary